You've been making great use of Spaces all year - now what?

To avoid losing any of your students' posts or activities that you have created, we recommend that you do not delete your classes.

Instead, the best approach for teachers at the end of the year, if you'd like to remove last year's classes, is to archive them:

  1. Click the Home button at the top left of your screen

  2. Click the menu button (three dots) on your class

  3. Click Archive

What does archiving a class do?

Archiving your class means that:

  • It will no longer appear on your list of active classes as a teacher, or count toward your maximum number of classes (20)

  • Students and co-teachers will no longer be able to view the class content, or add new posts & comments to any spaces within it

  • Teachers can still un-archive a class anytime to view content from that class, and make it visible to students

    • To do this, simply click the Archived button near the top right of the Classes page, then click Unarchive in the menu for the class you'd like to unarchive

Is there a way for students to access work from archived classes?

At this time, students cannot view any posts, comments, or other content from classes that have been archived.

We do plan to add a feature for students to access all past work in the future. This will include work from archived classes, but not from deleted classes - which is why it's important not to delete classes that your students have been using!

Can I just leave my classes as-is?

You sure can! Simply leaving the classes from past years active, not archived, will not cause any issues.

This will allow your students and co-teachers to still have access to their work from that class.

Keep in mind that this does mean the classes will be counted toward the maximum number of active classes for your teacher account, which is 20.


Classes are auto-archived at the end of the year. Teachers may unarchive the class at any time, at which point students and parents will again be able to view and access student work.

Still have questions? Send us a message with the option at the bottom left of your screen - we're happy to help!

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