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How do I use Proficiency Scales?
How do I use Proficiency Scales?
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Proficiency Scales allow teachers to assess students' level of achievement for each learning goal.

When adding a Curriculum Tag to a post, you will be prompted to set a proficiency level:

Select the level that you would like to assign for each curriculum outcome, and select the blue checkmark to add your tag(s) to the post. If you are adding multiple tags to the same post, you can set different proficiency levels for each tag.

Now that you have started assessing your students' work with proficiency scales - what's next?

  • Once you have assigned Curriculum Tags and Proficiency Scales to posts, you will see them highlighted on the right-hand side of your Feed

    • The number on the right indicates how many posts in the feed are associated with that tag

    • You can click on any tag to filter and view posts with that specific tag

  • The abbreviation and the colour coding of each tag corresponds with the average proficiency level of all tagged posts in your Current Feed View

    • If you are viewing 'All Students', you will see the average proficiency levels across all students in that Space

    • To view the average proficiency for a specific student, click on their name on the left-hand side

  • As a teacher, you can go back and update proficiency levels at any time by clicking the tag(s) on a post

    • Students do not have access to modify curriculum tags or proficiency levels

  • To enable proficiency scales or make them visible to students and families:

    • Select your class name at the top left

    • Select Edit Class

    • Scroll down to Proficiency Scales

    • From here, enable or disable Proficiency Scales for the class, and select whether they are visible to students and families, or only to teachers.

Note: Curriculum Tags & Goals must be enabled in class settings to use Proficiency Scales

Adding Proficiency Scales to Activities

In addition to posts, you can also add curriculum tags and proficiency levels when working with Activities:

  • When creating the activity, select the Curriculum Tags that you'd like to apply

    Note: You will not have the option to add proficiency levels here. You will assign a unique proficiency level for each student after submission, or while posting on behalf of a student using the Activity 'Quick Review' option (see below).

  • Once the student has submitted the activity, you will have the option to click on the Curriculum Tags and assign a proficiency level for that submission:

  • Any curriculum tags and proficiency levels attached to a submission will be included in the post if it is published

  • Activity "Quick Review": with this option enabled, teachers submitting an activity on behalf of their students can add proficiency levels at the same time as they create the post.

Proficiency Scales and SpacesEDU Pro

Wondering what's available in the free version of SpacesEDU as compared with Pro?

  • Customizable proficiency scales:

    • The default Proficiency Scale (Levels 1-4) and the Curriculum Tags feature is available to all teachers using SpacesEDU.

    • Interested in taking your assessment even further? Customization of the proficiency scale is an optional add-on feature for schools and districts licensing SpacesEDU Pro.

  • Proficiencies in Reporting Spaces:

    • For districts with access to the Reporting Spaces feature, teachers can also add proficiency levels for each Area of Learning in their Reporting Spaces

If you are interested in learning more about SpacesEDU Pro, or any of the optional features available with Pro, don’t hesitate to contact us - [email protected].

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