While students most often submit activities themselves by logging in to their own accounts, there may be scenarios where a student isn't able to log in directly.

Perhaps they're travelling and shared an assignment with you directly, or you may be working with younger students in a more teacher-driven approach, but you still want to use Activities to track and assess all of your students' work.

Teachers do have the option to submit an activity on a student's behalf:

  1. Open the Activities tab

  2. Click on the activity name

  3. Click the Start Activity button on the right for a student (or Edit Activity, if there is already a draft submission)

  4. Fill in a title, post description, and attach any media

  5. Click Submit at the top right

  6. Carefully review the confirmation box to ensure you are submitting for the correct student, then click Yes, Submit

When submitting an activity for a student, you'll see a banner at the top with the student's name:

Apart from this, submitting as a teacher works exactly the same way as it would for a student:

  • It's not possible to submit the activity if the Space is not active for students

  • Proficiency levels can't be added to the post during the submission process - but if this option is enabled, you can add them when reviewing the submission after completing the steps above

  • After submitting on the student's behalf, you'll be returned to the activity - from there, you can repeat the steps for any other students as needed, or go ahead with reviewing the new submission

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