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Why didn't parents receive my invitation email?
Why didn't parents receive my invitation email?

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with receiving or accepting family account invitations

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So - you've invited your students' families to join your class, but some parents can't find the email invitation.

Not to worry, there is a solution!

  1. First, log in to your class and open the People tab, then click Family

  2. Locate the family member, and review that the email address the invitation was sent to is correct.

    • If you notice a mistake in the email, you can click the three dots, then Remove Family, and remove the invitation sent to the incorrect email.

    • Once complete, you can send a new invitation to the correct address.

  3. If the email was correct, click the Resend Invite link to try re-sending.

I've resent the email - now what?

  • Let the family member know to check for a new email from either:

  • Gmail and other public email platforms have grown increasingly aggressive in filtering out messages that are deemed potentially unwanted or 'not important' by their systems

    • Let parents know to ensure they have checked in the 'all mail' category within their email client, rather than just their inbox, along with any folders for spam or Promotions

  • The email that parents will receive looks like this:

I've exhausted all possibilities and we can't find the email anywhere!

If they have searched everywhere and you've re-sent the email, and a family member just can't seem to receive it - there is still a solution!

Parents can sign up for an account directly at

  1. Visit and click Sign Up

  2. Enter the same email that was used for the invitation and click Next

  3. Click I'm Family

  4. For Gmail users: you can click Sign up with Google and log in with the same Gmail account that your invitation was sent to

    • You will be prompted to agree to the terms of use, then enter your Google credentials, or select an account if you are already logged in

    • Ensure that you select the account that the family invitation was sent to

  5. For non-Gmail users, or if you prefer to set a password directly in SpacesEDU:

    1. Enter your first and last name

    2. Set a password

    3. Check off that you agree to the terms, and click Sign Up

  6. By creating the account this way, you should be automatically linked to the student you were invited to.

  7. Accounts created with the Google login option will not require you to validate the email by clicking a link in your inbox.

  8. If you have not used the Google login option, you will be required to validate your email address.

If you have reviewed the troubleshooting information here and you're still encountering issues with access to a Family account, please contact SpacesEDU support using the messaging feature at the bottom left corner of your screen. We're happy to help!

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