What is Spaces?

Spaces is a web and mobile application that enables teachers and students to capture, communicate, and reflect on the growth happening in their classroom.

What can you do?

At a high level, you can:

  • Communicate with students in real-time

  • Provide feedback to students on a projects big and small

  • Capture learning through a variety of media

  • Document and manage evidence of student learning 

  • Prompt your students to reflect on their work

  • Create a digital space for your class to share progress

How does it work? 

One of the best parts of Spaces is how easy it is to get started and capture evidence of learning. We’re constantly working with educators to make our products as simple as possible to use - so students can focus on learning, not get distracted or frustrated by tech. 

Step 1: Sign up. Find your school and create your class. For instructions on how to sign up, click here

Step 2: Invite your students. Share a class code or link with your class. For instructions on how to invite your students, click here.

Step 3: Watch the magic unfold. Your students have everything they need to start telling their stories on Portfolios. For ideas on what to create for your first post, click here.

How does Spaces transform your classroom?

Spaces takes the great work you’re already doing in the classroom and gives students a dedicated space to share, reflect, and repeat. 

Students can quickly and easily share their progress on a project by uploading a draft, a quick photo or video, and invite their peers or teachers for feedback on their work. 

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