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How can I provide feedback on student work?
How can I provide feedback on student work?

Learn how to provide feedback to your students

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One way that you can engage with students, staff and family members is through the Class Feed in your SpacesEDU account. The Feed is where all SpacesEDU posts live.

You can also control who has access to see, react to and comment on student posts. Read more about how you can adjust these settings here: How can I update Space settings?.

Commenting on Posts

Once students add posts in a Class Feed, you can provide feedback on these posts via the Add Comment field.

You also have different options for how you want to comment on posts, including text, audio, video, links and files from your device storage or Google Drive.

Once the first comment is added you can reply to a specific comment, creating a comment thread, or you can add a new comment.

All posts will appear in your Spaces Feed, regardless of whether they are Class posts, Group Space Posts or Individual Space posts. You can tell which posts are for which Spaces by the coloured label in the top right of the post:

Adding comments in the feed and incorporating different media are just the start of engaging your students with SpacesEDU. Sometimes you might want to try a quicker and more open-ended form of feedback, or you may prefer a more structured process:

Still have questions or any feedback to share? Open a chat in the bottom left corner of your screen!

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