There are two ways to add a new student as a Spaces Admin:

  1. The first is to simply click Add Student within the Students section of your account, and fill in the form. This is perfect if you only have a couple of students to add to your school.

  2. The second is to import your CSV setup file - to learn more, see the full details in this article.

Either way, once you've sent off some student invitations, they can get started with Spaces right away.

The simplest case for student invitations is when students have never accessed Spaces before, and you've just added them with an email address - either from the form in your admin account, or with a CSV setup file.

Students will receive an invitation by email, with a link they can click to set up their account.

That's all there is to it! Once they're in, they'll automatically be linked with their classes. Students added in this way won't need to use a class link or code.

What if some students have already created accounts and started using Spaces?

If students have already set up accounts, and teachers have them in classes, they can continue using them in the same way as before. They'll remain linked with their classes.

When a CSV setup file has been imported, there are a few potential scenarios for existing student accounts:

  • The student may already have an account with a verified email that matches the CSV file

    • The import will update their account with a Student ID and any classes from the file

  • The student may have an account with an unverified email that matches the CSV file

    • The import will send an email with a link the student can click to verify their account.

    • Once they've done this, their account will be updated with a Student ID and any classes from the file.

  • The student may have an existing account with a Student ID

    • Their account will be updated with any classes from the file

    • If a new email is provided in the file along with the Student ID, it will be added a secondary email for the student

    • The student ID should be unique for all students - if an email is provided that's already in use with another student ID, this will be flagged as an error and the import won't process that student

Why can't some teachers see their students in classes?

If a student has been sent an invitation to set up a new account, they won't appear on the list of students in the class right away.

  • Once they've clicked the link in their email and they've logged in, they'll be visible on the class list in the Feed, and any post to All Students in the class will be visible to them.

  • Teachers can view any students that have been invited to join their class by clicking People, then looking at the Invited section. From there, they can also resend or delete an invitation.

If you have any other questions, send us a message - we're happy to help!

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