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How do I assess and track proficiency levels for Activities?
How do I assess and track proficiency levels for Activities?

Discover how you can add proficiency for activity submissions and access the Proficiency Report

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By using Curriculum Tags and Proficiency Scales in conjunction with Activities, teachers can easily track student achievement across all of their curricular goals! Teachers with SpacesEDU Pro also have access to a dedicated Proficiency Report for each activity.

There are a few preparatory steps to get started:

  • First, you’ll need to add some curriculum tags to your class, if you haven’t already

  • You may also wish to identify some specific curriculum goals you’ll be working on with your students, to narrow down the full set of tags

  • Once your tags have been added, you can create your Activity, or edit an existing activity, and select the Curriculum tags to apply

  • Keep in mind that at this point, you’re selecting the curriculum tags for the activity itself - you won’t be able to add proficiency levels until you are reviewing individual student submissions

  • When you’re happy with your tags and other activity details, click Assign at the top right

As your students start to submit the activity, you’ll be able to see the curriculum tags that you’ve selected when reviewing their submissions.

To apply or update a proficiency level, simply click on the tag, and then the proficiency level you'd like to set. The proficiency level is not immediately visible to the student, until a teacher has reviewed and published their submission.

  • Once you have applied the tags and added any other feedback for the student, you can click Status at the top right, and update to Reviewed to track that you have assessed the submission.

  • If you’re sure that this submission is final, you can also select Reviewed and Published to publish it right away as a post.

    • Note that publishing a student submission means that you can no longer allow the student to re-submit, or update the assigned proficiency levels.

  • Any published submissions will also include all tags and proficiencies applied in the activity.

    • Proficiency levels are only visible to students once their submission has been published as a post, not when it is still in Submitted or Reviewed status.

    • Proficiency levels are visible to other teachers and included in the proficiency table before the submission has been published.

  • On the main list of Submitted and Reviewed submissions, you will see an icon indicating how many curriculum tags are attached to the activity itself, and how many have been assessed on that submission.

    • For example, 2/2 indicates that there are two tags on the activity, and both have been assessed with a proficiency level for this submission:

Proficiency Table

The Proficiency Table is an additional feature available only with SpacesEDU Pro. This provides a powerful way to more quickly apply and track proficiency levels across all of your students, and all of the tags on each activity.

To access this feature, click the Proficiency tab within the activity:

  • From there, you can see the proficiency levels assigned for each tag on every student’s submission, with the curriculum tags in the header row of the table

  • To add or update proficiency levels, simply click on the entry for a student in the column you want to update.

  • You can search for students by name, or filter to view only specific students or tags using the options near the top right

  • Once an activity submission has been published, this will lock it from this table - you’ll no longer be able to update it from here

  • You can apply updates to the proficiency levels on the posts themselves, but those changes will not be visible in the Activity Table

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