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How can new students be added to CSV rostered classes?
How can new students be added to CSV rostered classes?

Learn about the methods for adding students to classes rostered with a CSV Setup template

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Rostering classes with a CSV setup file is an easy way to create classes for teachers. However, it is a one-time setup import, and cannot be used to directly add students to existing classes. What if a new student joins the class after it has been created?

There a few different options for adding students to classes. In most cases, new students can simply sign up using a class code or URL.

This does require an email address to be provided, which we recognize can be challenging in some cases, particularly with younger students. This article outlines the options for adding students to rostered classes in cases where they may not have an email address.

  • Even if a student does not have an email inbox they can access, they may still have a district-assigned email address / username.

    • For example, a student in primary grades may sign in to school computers with 'firstname.lastname' - even if they can't receive emails, this username can be formatted with your district's domain as an email address (e.g.

  • Student accounts do not require email validation, so a student can sign up, or a teacher could sign up for an account on a student's behalf using that email, and their Class Code.

  • Once the student has signed up to the class, they won't necessarily need to log in with that username/password. Teachers will have access to generate a QR code which students can use to log in, if the district has that feature enabled.

Importing new students with a CSV setup file

If you are a district or school admin, and you have a number of students to add for different teachers, it is also possible to import them with a student-only CSV file.

The CSV rostering method is primarily intended for the initial creation of classes, and does not support directly updating existing classes. However, if you do have students to be added in CSV-rostered classes, and they cannot sign up to that class with an email address, you can follow the steps below to add them to teachers' existing classes.

Steps for admin:

  1. Create a new CSV file containing only the new student(s) to add for a particular school

    1. This version of the template provides detailed instructions, including which fields are required for import, and an example

    2. If you prefer to use Microsoft Excel, you can use the template above to see an example, then add your students directly to a copy of this CSV file in Excel.

    3. In order to import successfully, ensure that the additional columns you would have in an inital class setup file (Teacher and Class columns) have been removed

  2. Import this file for the school using the Import Class Roster option in your School or District admin account. In this case, you can disregard the warning about completing this import only once a year, and the setup template linked on the import page.

  3. Click Upload your CSV file, and locate the file on your computer, then click Start Import. If you receive any errors, check that all required columns are filled in your CSV, and the header row matches the template.

  4. The CSV import will take a few minutes to complete, depending how many students are included. You'll receive a notification once it is complete, both in your account and via email.

  5. Once the import has completed, open the Students section, and locate the first new student.

  6. Click the menu button (three dots), then Edit Classes:

  7. Click the Edit Classes button, and locate the class to add the student to - you'll see the teacher's name listed below the class name.

  8. Check off any classes the student should be added to, then Save Changes.

  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for any newly imported students. Their teachers will see them automatically placed within their classes the next time they log in.

Once the student's account has been created, there is no need to repeat the process if they need to be added to other classes - the students can simply join those classes by logging in and using the Class Code provided by the teacher.

A few additional tips and considerations:

  • Before starting this process and importing students, be sure to review the Students page to see if any of them already have accounts.

    • If they do, there's no need to create a CSV - they can simply join with a class code, or an admin can add them to a class from their account (see steps 5-8 above).

  • This method can be used to import students without an email address. In that case, the QR code login option must be enabled for your district, as that is the only method for students to log in without an email.

    • If students have an email address, there's no need to import them in this way, as they can simply sign up for an account and join the class by following the steps outlined here.

  • Rostering with the SIS Sync / OneRoster integration also allows for ongoing class updates. For more information about these options, see this article.

  • Still have questions, or need help importing your CSV? Follow along in our video tutorial or open a chat with us in the bottom left of your screen, we're happy to help!

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