Rostering classes with a CSV setup file is an easy way to create classes for teachers. However, it is a one-time setup import, and cannot be used to directly add students to existing classes. What if a new student joins the class after it has been created?

There a few different options for adding students to classes. In most cases, new students can simply sign up using a class code or URL.

This does require an email address to be provided, which we recognize can be challenging in some cases, particularly with younger students. This article outlines the options for adding students to rostered classes in cases where they may not have an email address.

  • Even if a student does not have an email inbox they can access, they may still have a district-assigned email address / username.

    • For example, a student in primary grades may sign in to school computers with 'firstname.lastname' - even if they can't receive emails, this username can be formatted with your district's domain as an email address (e.g. [email protected]).

  • Student accounts do not require email validation, so a student can sign up, or a teacher could sign up for an account on a student's behalf using that email, and their Class Code.

  • Students or teachers can also sign up for a student account using their Class Code / Class URL and a fictitious email account.

    1. Open the People tab within the class in your Teacher account

    2. Click Invite Students

    3. Copy the Class Code and click the X at the top left

    4. Click your initials/avatar at the top right, then Logout

    5. Go to

    6. Click Sign Up

    7. Ensure you are on the correct region, then select I'm a Student

    8. Enter the Class Code

    9. Click Sign Up

    10. Complete the account creation form, entering the student's name and a fictitious email address if the student does not have a real one

  • After the account is created, the username can be updated once the student has an email at a later date.

  • Once the student has signed up to the class, they won't necessarily need to log in with that username/password. Teachers will have access to generate a QR code which students can use to log in, if the district has that feature enabled.

Importing new students with a CSV setup file

If you are a district or school admin, and you have a number of students to add for different teachers, it is also possible to import them with a new CSV file. These students will be added to a new class, but teachers can then place them in the correct class with a few additional steps.

Steps for admin:

  1. Create a new CSV file containing only the new student(s) to add, along with their teachers in the appropriate columns.

    1. This version of the template includes an example for adding two new students for teachers in the Example Classes - Adding Students tab.

    2. For clarity, we recommend naming the new class something like 'Teacher last name - New Students - Date'.

  2. Import this file for the school using the Import Class Roster option in your School or District admin account.

Steps for teachers:

Once new students have been imported with the steps above, teachers will see these new classes added in their accounts. From there, they can complete the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Teacher Account

  2. Open your existing class (ie, where you have been posting with other studens)

  3. Open the People tab and click Invite Student

  4. Copy the Class Code and paste it into a document

  5. Click the x at the top left to close the Invite Student page, then click the Home button at the top left

  6. Navigate to the new class containing the new student(s)

  7. Go to the People tab and click the QR Code icon next to the student

  8. Log in using the student's QR Code - the simplest way is to scan the code off the screen from their phone or tablet's camera

  9. This will log them in as the student. From the student's account, select the Add Class option and enter the class code

  10. Once all students have been added to the existing class, teachers can click the menu button (three dots) on the 'new students' class, then Archive Class

  • The instructions above assume that the QR Code Login option is enabled, as that is required to permit students to log in without an email address. If students have an email address, they can simply sign up by following the steps outlined in the first section above.

  • There are updates planned for later in the 2022-2023 school year to streamline this process. Rostering with the SIS Sync / OneRoster integration also allows for ongoing class updates. For more information about these options, see this article.

  • Still have questions? Open a chat with us in the bottom left of your screen, we're happy to help!

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