Why can't I log in?

Learn about troubleshooting sign-in issues for SpacesEDU

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If you're having trouble logging in, there are a few different steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Your first steps will depend on how you are logging in:

  1. with a username and password that you've set manually in SpacesEDU

  2. with the Log In with Google option, using your Google account credentials

  3. with Single Sign-On (SSO) for SpacesEDU Pro, and your school username/password

Note - You can tell that your school uses SSO if, after entering your school email, a pop-up window appears with a school login prompt. If you are already logged in to your school account, it may only appear briefly and log you in automatically.

Regardless of which method you are using to log in, if you're encountering issues, or helping to troubleshoot issues for students logging in, first check that you are on the correct region by looking at the button on the top right of your screen. You can also double-check the URL in your browser's address bar to be sure.

The link should be:

  • app.spacesedu.com for United States

  • ca.spacesedu.com for Canada & International

For security and compliance reasons, the two systems are entirely separate. If your account exists on the Canadian server, for example, and you try to log in on the US site, you'll receive an error. Simply switch over to the correct region and you'll be able to log in without issues!

Manual Username/Password Login

  • If you log in by entering your email address, then filling in the Password box and clicking Log In, this means that you log in with a SpacesEDU username and password.

  • If you receive an 'Invalid Email or Password' error, then double-check the password and email you've entered.

    • You can click the eye button in the Password box to reveal the password text.

  • Once you've double-checked the email and password you are entering, you can use the Forgot Password? prompt to try resetting your password.

  • If you've made a mistake with the email address, click the back arrow at the top left to re-enter it.

  • If you normally use the Google login or a school SSO login portal, you should not be using these email and password fields, or this password reset option, and instead log in with your Google or school account.

Google Account Login

School Single Sign-On Login

  • If you receive a popup window after entering your email address that shows your school's login portal (for example with your school- or district-provided Microsoft account), this means you should be logging in via Single Sign-On.

  • Ensure that you allow pop-ups on SpacesEDU if prompted, and that you log in through the pop-up with your school username and password. These should be the same credentials you would use to access your email or other online applications.

    • Entering these credentials in the SpacesEDU username/password fields will not work to log in, and will result in an invalid email or password error.

  • If you don't see the pop-up window after entering your email, but you typically do log in with SSO, click the back arrow at the top left and ensure the email is entered correctly. Any errors in the domain (after the @ symbol) will prevent your login portal from opening as it should.

  • If you receive an incorrect email/password error in your district login portal, double-check that you have entered them correctly. If so, contact your IT helpdesk or follow any other process established by your district for password resets.

  • Even after logging in successfully (ie, your username and password are accepted in the login popup), on rare occasions you may encounter an SSO-related error.

    • If you receive a message that 'the signed in user is not assigned to a role for the application', please contact your school or district IT helpdesk for assistance, and request that they ensure your account is assigned to a role with access to the SpacesEDU application in Azure AD.

    • If you are an IT administrator troubleshooting the error noted above, please consult this Microsoft help article. If possible we recommend assigning all users to the SpacesEDU application - access will be controlled in the app by administrators, and via rostering imports.

    • If you receive a 'misconfigured' error, or if you have gone through the troubleshooting above and you're still encountering difficulties logging in, please contact SpacesEDU support by opening a chat in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. We're happy to help!

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