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What should I do with my classes at the end of the school year?
What should I do with my classes at the end of the school year?

Learn about how to prepare for the end of year (or term) and how to ensure your students can still access their work

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Wondering about how to prepare for the end of your school year or term in SpacesEDU? This article is for you!

3 Steps to Prepare for Next Year

  1. Review your Space Visibility Settings and set these to Visible or Active for Spaces that have posts that you’d like students to have access to in their All Work Feed

  2. Ask graduating students or those leaving the school to update the username in their Account Settings to a personal email, so they can still access their accounts when their school email is deactivated (we will keep both emails, so they can continue to log in with their District email as long as it is live)

  3. Archive your Classes - don’t worry, you can easily unarchive a class and review it

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my students' work after the end of the year?

  • With SpacesEDU Free, students can only access content from their active classes, meaning if you remove students or archive a class, that content will no longer be visible for students.

  • For schools licensing SpacesEDU Pro, students have continued access to posts from past years and archived classes using the All Work Feed. This provides a point of access for students to see all of their posts from K-12 and easily copy work between classes.

  • Note: if you are hiding certain Spaces for organizational purposes, set those Spaces to Visible or Active before the end of the year to allow students to access those posts in their All Work Feed.

  • As long as the Spaces are not hidden, students can access all previous posts they've created using the All Work feature, and teacher posts that are visible to them. To learn more about the All Work feed, and which content will appear there for students, consult this article.

What happens to the students who have moved or are leaving the school next year?

As long as your school and/or district is licensing SpacesEDU Pro, they will have access to the All Work Feed, including the work that they did in your class. They'll simply need to update their username to a personal email in order to continue logging in.

What about students who will no longer have access to their District email address?

Our system can store two emails. Students who are leaving can easily add a personal email address to their Account Settings and use that email to access SpacesEDU.

Our Data Retention Policy allows for storage of inactive students accounts for 18 months. A student who graduates would simply need to log in once during that 18 month window to restart the timer and maintain their access. If a graduated student does not access SpacesEDU for 18 months, their account and associated data are deleted to align with standard privacy and security protocols.

Will teachers maintain access to their activities next year?

Yes! All activities that have been created in SpacesEDU will appear in your activity portal. Simply click Create Activity from your new class to view a list of previously created activities.

Will family members maintain access to their accounts?

Yes! Their username and password will be maintained next year. That being said, family access for each class is controlled separately. Their new teacher will need to send a new invitation from the People tab when they are ready to invite family members to their SpacesEDU class.

How can I Archive and Unarchive my classes?

  • Note: SpacesEDU Pro schools and districts will have their classes automatically archived at the end of each school year, near the end of August.

  • If you are a school or district lead and you would like to opt out of the automatic class archiving, to keep classes active year-to-year, please contact your SpacesEDU account manager, or send us a message with the option in the corner of your screen.

  • Teachers can still manually archive classes before that, or manually unarchive auto-archived classes if they'd like certain classes to remain active. To confirm if your district plans to auto-archive classes, contact your district lead for SpacesEDU.

What are the benefits of archiving my classes year-to-year?

When you archive your classes, not only are you organizing your own Class Dashboard, you’re also organizing your students’ and families’ Class Dashboards as these classes are hidden from view. Additionally, this eliminates any unwanted posting from year-to-year.

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