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How can I manage staff with my administrator account?
How can I manage staff with my administrator account?

Learn about the Staff page within the SpacesEDU Pro District & School Admin Account

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The Administrator account, available with SpacesEDU Pro, provides a range of features for managing staff accounts, including:

  • Inviting new teachers or administrators

  • Editing account details and resetting passwords

  • Managing access to schools and classes

This article outlines the various levels of administrator access in SpacesEDU and how you can use the administrator account to manage staff access.

Administrator Account Types and Access Levels

District Administrators (Full Permissions):

  • Manage all schools within the district

  • Approve/edit staff

  • Invite district/school admins and teachers

  • Use teacher accounts for any school

  • Run rostering imports (Note: Only SpacesEDU Support can create full-permission district admin accounts)

District Administrators (Limited Permissions):

  • Access all district schools

  • Cannot invite other district admins or run rostering imports

School Administrators:

  • Manage staff/students for their school(s)

  • May have access to multiple schools

  • Admins with full permissions can invite other school admins, run rostering imports

  • Admins with limited permissions can only invite teachers

Approving and Inviting Staff

Teachers from any school can access the free version of SpacesEDU. Once a school or district has licensed SpacesEDU Pro, new teacher accounts must be approved by an administrator (or imported through rostering) to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the school.

If you have access to a SpacesEDU Admin account, you will receive notifications via email for any new teachers requesting approval for schools within your district.

To approve a request:

  1. Open the email and click View

  2. Log in to your admin account

  3. If the list of teacher requests does not immediately populate, click the red Teacher Requests button

  4. Click the blue Approve button to approve or reject the request with the grey X

Who do I need to approve?

Teachers require approval when they create a new account at a licensed SpacesEDU Pro school and when another teacher invites them to a class at a school where they haven't been approved.

The approval step can be bypassed in one of two ways:

  1. With a rostering import, any teachers included in the rostering data are automatically approved for access to their school(s)

  2. Staff invited by an admin are automatically approved

To invite a new staff member from an Admin account:

  1. Open the Staff page in the left-hand menu

  2. Click Add Staff

  3. Select the school(s) you wish to provide access to, or choose the district name for a district admin invite (only available if you are a district admin with Full Permissions)

  4. Select the account type (Teacher/Admin)

  5. Optional - for teachers, you can select classes to give access to at the time of the invitation

  6. Click Send Invite

Staff members invited using the steps above will receive an email notification prompting them to create their account.

Additional notes:

  • If a staff member already has an account with the same email, these steps will update their existing account, not create a new one.

  • If they don't receive the email invite or sign up manually at, they'll still be automatically approved as long as they use the same email address as the invitation.

  • When enabling SpacesEDU Pro, set up at least one district admin account, and approve any existing free teacher accounts.

  • If staff use a personal email, ask them to update it in Account Settings or follow the instructions below to update their email.

Managing Staff Accounts

This section explains how to complete some common staff management tasks from the Admin account.

How can I update a teacher's account if they've changed schools?

To update the school(s) for a staff member (teacher or school admin):

  1. Open the Staff page

  2. Find the staff member and click the menu button (three dots) on the right

  3. Click Edit Account

  4. Click the Schools and Accounts tab

  5. Click Add School Record

  6. Select their new school and account type, then click Add Record

Additional notes when updating teacher accounts:

  • Keep the teacher's association with their old school if they still need access to previous class information.

  • Teachers can only access their own class information, not other schools, even if they have an association with them.

  • When you're sure a teacher no longer needs access to their old classes, you can delete their previous school association by clicking the delete icon (trash bin) and typing 'delete' for confirmation.

  • Removed teachers won't access old school posts, activities, or content. Students can still access posts from those classes in their All Work Feed their school uses SpacesEDU Pro.

  • If necessary, you can give a teacher admin access by adding an admin record.

  • District Admin record addition is for District Admins with Full Permissions only.

  • When updating a district admin account, you can't add a School Admin record because they already have access to all schools.

  • District admins also have teacher access for all schools by default.

How can I add a teacher to a class, or remove one?

As an admin, you can add or remove teachers from classes with the following steps:

  1. Click Staff on the left-hand side of the page

  2. Find the staff member and click the menu button (three dots) on the right

  3. Click Edit Account

  4. Click the Schools and Accounts tab

  5. Click the Edit button (pencil) on an existing teacher record, or add a school record if needed

  6. Click Edit Classes

  7. Check off any class(es) you want to add the teacher to, or uncheck any that you want to remove

  8. Click Save Changes

Additional notes when updating classes:

  • Once removed from a class, teachers can't access any class content. They can rejoin if an admin adds them or a co-teacher invites them.

  • If you see no teacher names below a class, it means there are no active teachers—either they've all been removed or rostered teachers haven't logged in yet.

  • Archived classes don't show when adding classes from an admin account. Teachers need to unarchive them first.

  • This feature is handy for admins when teachers accidentally remove themselves from a class. Admins can quickly add them back using the steps above.

How can I update a teacher's name or email address?

To update their name or email, staff can log in, click their initials or avatar at the top right, then select Account Settings.

Admins can also update this information:

  1. Go to the Staff section on the left-hand side of the page

  2. Find the staff member and click the menu button (three dots) on the right

  3. Select Edit Account

  4. Update the necessary fields and click Save Changes

Additional notes when updating teacher information:

  • Updating a teacher’s email address will prompt them to validate the new address.

  • Even for schools using Single Sign-On (SSO), you can update an email using the steps mentioned. For instance, if a staff member initially signed up with the wrong email or their school email changed, you can correct it.

  • However, it's not advisable to change an existing account's email to a different email that isn't their SSO username. While it won't stop them from using SSO to log in, it could lead to future issues with duplicate accounts.

How can I reset a teacher's password?

Resetting Non-Single Sign-On Passwords:

  • Click Staff on the left-hand side

  • Find the staff member and click the three dots menu

  • Select Reset Password

  • Enter the new password twice and click Reset Password

Resetting Single Sign-On Passwords:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) passwords can only be reset through your IT department or account management system (e.g., Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure AD).

  • Please contact your IT department for assistance with SSO password resets, or follow their established password reset process.

Still have questions about using your Admin account? Send us a message in the bottom left corner of your screen, or check out one of these related articles:

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