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Class Rostering - Teacher Guide
Class Rostering - Teacher Guide

Wondering if, and how, your classes are rostered by your school? This article is for you!

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SpacesEDU's Class Rostering is intended to streamline the process for teachers by creating your classes and student accounts in advance, so you can jump right in.

As a teacher, you may not know if your school uses this feature, or how to add new students to your class. We're here to help!

Manual Class Creation

If you log in to your teacher account for the first time and see an empty slate with no classes, or an empty class entitled My first class, this means you have no rostered classes.

  • If you're not expecting to have any, great - you can go ahead and create a class, and invite your students!

  • If you believe your school is licensing SpacesEDU Pro and rostering, we recommend contacting your school or district IT helpdesk, and/or your SpacesEDU lead, to confirm if your class(es) have been imported.

  • If you're unsure who to contact, or if your IT department confirms that your classes have been imported but you can't see them, contact SpacesEDU support at

Rostered Classes

If you see a class in your account pre-populated with students that did not sign up using a Class Code or Class Link, this means you have a rostered class.

There are two types of rostering for SpacesEDU: CSV Setup and SIS/LMS Sync Setup. The method used by your school will have an impact on the options available for updating your class.

CSV Setup

The CSV Setup method is a feature for the creation of classes. For classes created this way, if new students join after the initial setup import, they will need to be invited manually.

  • To confirm if your rostered class was created with CSV setup, simply click on the People tab within the class. If you do not see a button to invite students, this means your class is managed via SIS Sync.

  • If you do see a button to invite students, your class was created using CSV Setup (or manually), and you can invite new students join your class using your Class Code.

SIS/LMS Sync Setup

  • As noted above, if you open the People tab in your class, and you do not see an option to invite students, your class is managed automatically using SIS Sync.

  • As enrollments are updated in your SIS, new students will automatically, typically within 24-48hrs.

  • Students are not automatically removed from classes.

    • You must remove the student from the import list to permanently remove them from your class. You can remove a student manually from the People tab, but if the student is still on the rostering list, they will be re-added with the next import.

  • If you have a new student in your class, and your SIS has been updated but you're still not seeing them in SpacesEDU, we recommend first contacting your school or district IT helpdesk to investigate.

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact SpacesEDU support at

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