Google Classroom digitizes everything you do in school. SpacesEDU brings it to life.

Together, SpacesEDU + Google Classroom creates a more engaging learning environment.

SpacesEDU pairs beautifully with Google Classroom.

While Google Classroom serves as your central nervous system for the class, SpacesEDU makes learning visible and helps students easily capture and reflect on their student learning.

If you've already created your Google Classroom, you can quickly invite all of your students to join SpacesEDU with just a few clicks.

Where SpacesEDU enhances your experience with Google Classroom:

A better way to share feedback and prompt reflection

In collaborative environments or one-to-one between teachers and students, ask questions, provide feedback, and encourage reflection

Engage in real-time communication

Send messages to your class, parents, or individual students, quickly and easily.

Involve family in daily learning

As students upload multimedia, family and teachers can communicate directly on the artifact. Teachers can message with family members on their terms to keep everyone in the loop on student progress.

Looking ahead

At SpacesEDU, we are continually looking for ways to make your experience using our product easier and more streamlined.

Our team is actively exploring more integration opportunities with Google Classroom to enable teachers and students to pull evidence of their growth and share directly to their Google Classroom stream.

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