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How can I access classes as an administrator?
How can I access classes as an administrator?

Learn more about the class management features for school and district administrators

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With a SpacesEDU Administrator account, you automatically have full access to view and manage the classes for your school or district. Just select a school at the top left of your screen, and click the Classes link to get started.

From this page, you can see:

  • The Class Name for all active classes at your school

    • Clicking the Class Name header will change the sort order

    • For classes with a name imported via rostering, the imported name will be shown below the display name for the class

    • Note: this list does not include archived classes

  • The names of any teacher(s) linked with the class

  • The class grade(s)

  • The number of students and family members linked with the class

  • Schools using the Reporting Spaces feature also have a button to open the class Reporting Space on the right-hand side of the screen

Clicking on a class name will open a new tab with the class you've selected, including the same Spaces and People pages as what teachers in the class would see.

Once you've finished working with a class, simply close the tab or change tabs in your browser to return to your admin account.

You can have multiple class tabs open, but to avoid unintentionally updating the wrong class, we recommend closing the tab once you've finished working with a class.

What can I do with the class view as an administrator?

With a few exceptions outlined in the next section, the class view for administrators generally works the same way and has the same access as teachers in the class.

What can't administrators do in the class view?

There are a few limitations to be aware of with the class view in the administrator account.

  • As a general rule, it allows commenting, reacting, and editing any content or settings within classes. It does not allow creating new posts, Spaces, or messaging.

    • If administrators do require this access for certain specific classes, they can always add themselves as a co-teacher - either with an invitation in the People tab, or via the Staff page in their admin account.

  • The Create option at the bottom right for teachers to create new posts or activities is not available for administrators, nor is the option to copy posts.

  • Admins do not have access to the Messages or Portfolios features within the class view.

  • Admins also do not have direct access to view or edit activities for a class. However, they can view activity instructions for published posts by clicking the activity name at the top of the post.

  • There are also elements of the teacher account that do not exist in the class view, simply because they are not applicable:

    • The 'Home' button to view all classes is not present at the top left. To open another class, simply close your browser tab and return to the tab with the Classes page in your admin account.

    • There is no option to leave the class, since administrators have access to all active classes at the school. To remove an unwanted class for all administrators and co-teachers, you can click the class name at the top left, then Archive Class.

    • The Notifications section is not available, because admins do not receive notifications for all class activity within their school(s). Notifications can be viewed within the Admin and/or Teacher interface, if the administrator is also a co-teacher for some classes.

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